• Katie IndiCrow


Timeline shifting, connecting to creation, and gridwork.

In this video, I give a wide ranging update of the major timeline shifting that has been occurring since Solstice. Weaving in stories of the divine feminine, release of pain stories associated with Atlantis and Lemurian civilizations, and my own personal gridworking experiences, I share about how these transitions create space for us to be free in totally new ways.

In this video, I focus most heavily on explaining how these widespread energy changes are being experienced in the daily lives of many of of us. Have a pattern coming up you thought you had dealt with? Going through incredible waves of hard to understand or describe emotion? You may be shifting. Here, I explain how to connect to the process and step into 5d+ creative energy flow and creation. This can be fun, and in fact, when we are in joy we are in some of the most powerful creation energy there is.

So come on, let's get into this and have fun with this. These are the moments that soooo many of us have been waiting for.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


#ascension #gridwork #energyshift

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