It takes a community: A note of thanks to those of you who make all of this possible.

As many of you know, I went on the road in service last week to British Columbia. During that time, I was able to connect and work with some beautiful souls and energies. I have shared a bit about that in posts, and will continue doing so ❤️.

One thing I have not shared about yet is the incredible generosity and support that comes from YOU - my community - that makes these mission trips possible. I want to take a moment to thank the kind donor who sent a rather large contribution to me in early July which took care of my transportation and snacks. To Sarah Jane: Thank you for taking care of me in Nanaimo, ensuring that all went smooth getting to the Grove, and for the laughs. It is always a joy to get to spend time with you. To Huong Nguyen, you and your gorgeous family are the superstars of my Vancouver experience. You housed me, fed me (a lot - I eat a lot), laughed with me, and opened your heart and soul to this work. You even sent me home with a giant golden whale. I know you do not like mush so I'll leave it at you are well appreciated and it is a joy to work with you. To Jennifer Peters: Such a pleasure to finally get to meet you and Asha, to share hugs and laughs and wine. I look forward to the further progression of our friendship and team-mateship. You are a beautiful angel ❤️.

In addition to those that I worked with on the road, several other hands and hearts came in to make this possible. To Katie Russell, I appreciate your loving care of Damien while I was on the road. Talk about divine placement, that we would be so close for this one specific stretch of time. He loved his time with you. To your son Nate, I still owe a bottle of red wine. To Julie Dhara Roberts, Katherine Everett, and Dana Bryant. Thank you for taking on more responsibility and putting in so much loving effort at We are the Light.

I will end this note of thanks as I began it. In deep thanks and humble gratitude to those who serve with me, and who help create the conditions that I can do what I came here for. You make loving fun!

Caw-caw (in loving co-creation),

Katie IndiCrow

#community #gratitude #gridwork

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