Gridwork Training BEGINNING SOON!

I am being called to offer another round of gridwork training which will begin on July 28. I have been approached privately by a number of potential seekers and can feel more of you in the astrals. I am here to serve those who serve, and so am happy to put out this public call and invite those of you who feel so called to join us.

Where: Online, in a digital forum hosted here on FB.

Topics covered: Include but are not limited to anchoring and distributing ascension energy, aligning land and sites, creating 'energy cells' and batteries within the grids, understanding/discerning the grids and what is needed in a particular area, and how to work/coordinate in groups.

The material here is geared toward a beginner leading into intermediate skill set. It is designed for this moment, and will offer you a great base of skills to approach the gateway (and what comes next) with.

When: Typically, the materials I offer are spread out over 6 weeks. In response to where we are time wise, and when the desire for this offering came up, I will be abridging material distribution into 3 weeks and a 2 hour class call. Same amount of information, but condensed to suit the scale of moments we currently have at our disposal. The class will conclude with a group session where we practice gateway specific techniques.

Cost: tier 1: $222 CAD (includes above). Tier 2: $333 option to add a private session for counsel on site specific considerations and targeted support on how to approach it/groom skills for that work.

TO REGISTER: please contact me directly. I am happy to work on payment plans in the understanding that this announcement is late in the month. It means a lot to me to get those of you who are ready to be trained, trained and I will do what I can in support of that.


In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#gridwork #ascension

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