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Lightworker Tips/Ascension Update: Releasing Timelines (and connecting to new ones)

Greetings, friends!

We are currently undergoing widespread timeline closures which have been made possible by all of the work being done by those choosing love. This means that we, as a collective, are releasing stories and energy moments that had previously vibrationally lowered our ascension timelines. That's right - we are now shifting another wave of the old epoch energy out - which creates space for us to bring more love and light IN! I originally made this video 11 days ago, at a time when we were moving through timeline closures and shifts. We entered into another wave of this cycle on Thursday evening moving into Friday, as another gatekeeping point opened up. This wave, I feel a lot of pain relating to the downfall of Atlantis coupled with the dissolving of the archetypes of wounded healer and the obstruction of networks being brought up for release. (Certainly, there is more moving through - I speak from my current vantage point on this one.) This is exciting, because it gives us the chance to bring in love, light, and primary ascension timeline energy into the spaces being created. Call forth your knowledge! Connect to it. Let it grow!

On a technical level, no matter which stories you are part of or which timelines are collapsing, there are actions you can take to facilitate the process and smooth it along. As I said in the video, your body gives you clues about what is going on. Feeling what feels like energy being pulled from your field? Well, these transitions may be related to that! Experiencing a change that's not related to a download or lesson? What you're feeling may be a timeline collapse occurring somewhere in your line. Since making this video, I have noticed the energy of dissolve finding its way into expression (for dispersion) through interactions and life circumstance as well. In those circumstances, the methods described herein stand firm. Things certainly are changing and the less power we give to dissolving timelines, the quicker we are able to move into pure, love based creation.

Herein, I describe more about what this all means and as always, offer practical tools that you can build upon to connect to you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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