Update from the road 😊

Greetings, dear ones!

This is me with two Vancouver based workers called Huong and Jenn. They know one another from before and we were brought together through the internet. We are currently in the process of working through divine partnership and teamwork relationships. It's been really wonderful to be in one another's company and to get to share the stories of our memories and with that, bring forth the information, technology, and tasks we came here to align to do. Our work is far from over. This is but one of many meetings ❤️ It's not all business, though....we also have had some pretty good food, wine, and laughter.

Yesterday, we cleared and aligned with Atlantis and her rise. Tonight, we're going to do an information sharing/information creation session in a cozy backyard in the company of Huong's family. As we work, we get to share this with them, and to me, that seems like something very important to share here now. So I am :P. This isn't something that has to be removed, or overly stringent, or too heavy. There are moments where discipline, tenacity, and strength are required but so too is fun, laughter, and true comradery.

This is what these next steps look like. Being together. Sharing stories, information, friendship, family, and fun. I am SO GLAD we made it to this point again.

Have any of you been meeting up with your star/soul family to team up and work? What has it been like for you?

More from me *us* soon,

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow Harris

#lightworkers #energyupdate #community #starfamily

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