Gateway Prep: The Power of Together

Gateway Prep: The Power of Together

Cost: $30 CAD (waged), $20 CAD (unwaged)

The time has come for us to begin focusing on bringing groups together to exchange intention, embody intergalactic cooperation, and intentionally align our work with our regions, activation potential, and more. We know this. We feel it in our hearts. An important part of my mission and work has been to create and now connect lightworking groups and, as I say in this extended message, essential to our next steps in ascension:…/Gateway-Lightwork-Updat….

Sunday, July 16 I am hosting a live call whose purpose will be to provide some basic training/tactical advice, more in-depth information, and activations related to bringing groups together for lighwork and how this activity is related to the August Gateway (and beyond). Topics covered will include: Holding space for groups, DNA coding/coordination, working at mounds/sacred sites (and finding them in your own area. NA residents – there are way more here than many realize), and of course it will be discussed within the current ascension energy climate. I am currently on the road engaging in this work, and am so excited to share fresh stories and insights.

We have been having fun in these sessions. Hope to see you there!!

Location: through ZOOM, a digital program that is free for you to use. The session is recorded and all participants receive access to a downloadable playback copy within 48 hours of its completion.

To register: 1) send payment to 2) Copy verification text into an email to the address 3) Receive an email from us that contains your zoom room session access link.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#GatewayPrep #lightworker #ascension #community

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