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Greetings, dear ones!

I am in the process of traveling to Vancouver Island for this phase of the work which is heavily based around preparing stargates and portals for ascension waves about to resume as well as raising vibrations/returning ancient knowledge to and through sites where they have been stored.

Tomorrow afternoon from 2pm-4pm PST a group of us will be in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. We'll be doing group energy raising activities to the site, which I've talked about most recently in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJBAvTzelyw and article: https://www.lovehaswon.org/…/gateway-lightwork-update-the-p… . Those who are available are invited to join in with us in astral space to contribute to this effort from 2-4 pm. How? Through meditation! This is a test run for work we will be sharing later as part of ascension! More organization and instruction/tips to come.

How do you do this on the ground? In this instance, in order to get started with the work, we on the ground will take the time to ground in to the crystalline core of Gaia, call in the highest vibration of light energy that we can experience into our bodies thus clearing and aligning ourselves with it. Once we are done, we then begin walking around the forest and anchoring this light into the spaces to which we are called. We will be connecting with trees and the beautiful elvin, feary, and dinosaur energies that extend in the space. They will be our teammates! Together, we will connect with one another, the beings in the forest, and mother Gaia herself. You could use a similar technique in your own work if you would like! If you're new to this, here's some tips on connecting in through spontaneous service: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYQr3AJq4yo&t=5s.

On mission, I will also be doing gatekeeping activities which I will speak about in a video once they are completed and there is a story to share ❤️ .

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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