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Gateway Lightwork Update: The Power of Together

Greetings dear ones,

It has been some time since I wrote a long post like this one, as so often the lightcodes that are possible with video are an important part of the transmission. It is fun to get to share in the written word again – thanks for reading! We have come through an incredible impasse in our ascension journey. Congratulations and thank you to all who have chosen love and done work.

The last calendar year (since August 2016) brought with it a growth cycle that represented the most incredible and pronounced series of transitions and energetic re-alignments that many of us have ever experienced. All of it, dear ones, was to help align and prepare us for the next wave of energy and transition that we are being gifted to work with. What drives this wave? Well, my friends, the solar Eclipse that everyone has been talking about, which appears near the end of Lion’s Gate portal. This is complemented by a partial lunar eclipse and the Perseids meteor shower. We are currently in the gateway energy, which is available now for our use. The moments we have been waiting for, dear ones, are now. In order for them to be all they can be, it is up to us to step up to the plate in new and different ways.

The message that I have received time and again, loud and clear, is that it is high time for us to recognize the power of coming together. For many of us, this activity has involved in participating in online forums and chat groups where we have met like minded people and shared ideas and support. You’ve heard me (and many others) say this for the last few months. The moments have come for us to step it up a notch, and to begin solidifying these relationships in grounded and astral space in acts of cooperation and lightwork in support of ascension. The types of tasks you do and with whom will be determined by where you are on your path, who is available to work with you, and where you are doing it ❤️.

So what can we do when we are together? For one thing, we can listen to what Gaia has to say, and we can provide her children and spaces with the light and love that they require. For example, acts like spending time appreciating and connecting to a natural space can re-create and further cultivate that relationship of oneness and connection that is essential to the construction and experience of new Earth. This can be as simple as admiring the rocks on a beach, speaking with the elvin kingdom of that land, or connecting to trees on a path or considering the story of a stream. To get a more specific connection with land, it is possible to connect in through ceremony and service (see my video about spontaneous service for more). The point here is that growth and unification is promoted through understanding and nourishing our connectedness to all beings.

It is possible to join in together with teams and groups of friends and lightworkers in these spaces for fun and/or to work on specific jobs. This is a task I am drawn passionately to. For example, on July 9 and subsequent dates, I am inviting people to join me in Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island. As I have learned over my visits there, this grove of trees has served many purposes – one of their most important has been to collect and absorb information but also lower vibrational energy that was being distributed on the land. Interestingly, they are also connected in with an access point to Lemurian knowledge. This weekend, I am calling people there to join in thanks to the forest, to recognize one another as a community of workers, and together, to raise the polarity of the space and to prepare it for realignment that will occur later on this summer in other phases of the work. Here's the link to Sunday's gathering https://www.facebook.com/events/1909569722652610/

For those who are ready to take it a step further, I ask you to consider the importance of embodiment and intentionality. As many of us know, our oversouls and lightwork teams do a pretty great job of getting us to the right place at the right time. We’ve likely all been surprised/amazed/grateful for their (our) ability to come into alignment with circumstances supportive to our work and journey. Being there was enough, and in many times, it still is. The fundamental underscored message that I am receiving about this wave and those we will move into after its passage is that our intentional, knowing, consenting, and free will choices in this dimension around our work and embodiment are going to be essential keys to accelerating and completing our ascension missions. What do I mean by that? Simply put, we need to understand why we are placed how we are placed, and to learn to use that as best we can in complement and alignment with our teammates and in dynamic response to ascension and creation.

For those who have not yet moved in this direction, I invite you to now begin working to align with your aspects and oversoul, and to begin understanding/actualizing these opportunities in a way that allows us to embody the galactic happenings here on earth. We are microcosms of a much larger existence, and bear the aspects of many systems and beings in our makeup. This direction is one I have been walking with those in my circle for some time and whose impact I have seen. It is nothing short of phenomenal. There will be much more sharing from me on this in the coming months! (Those who are ready to learn now, I will be hosting a community call on Saturday, July 8 which will be announced on my IndiCrow page later today. I am also about to announce advanced training opportunities in this direction.)

For now, dear ones, I will return to the sentiment I began with. Each and every act in intentional alignment with ascension counts, and it is all adding up to create the space for continued change. Engaging in embodied lightwork doesn’t always look like world traveling or connecting to ancient sites (though it can). Rather, some of the most meaningful work happens at home, in our communities, in the places that we love or that call to us through the heart. You matter and your efforts count. As George Michael sings, “Let’s Go Outside!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeTUP6Rb8ww

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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