Our continued, embodied participation

...in ascension efforts are HELPING and making acceleration possible. Big acceleration. We are currently in the eclipse corridor. This, as far as I can feel, is an incredibly potent opportunity to continue our work. Joining in together in concerted and conscious effort is an incredibly important part of our next steps (more from me on that today. I think I can finally speak).

Sandra Walter has been hosting these unity meditations for a while now. Maybe you've participated, maybe you've seen the posts and been curious, maybe today is the first time you've heard of them! Souls from all around the world (and beyond) join together in focused and loving intention on Sundays. I feel it is incredibly important to support and participate in efforts like this as a way to embody participation and do our part in creating that which our heart knows can be true. The first group meditation of the day begins in 1 hour. Join in! See some of you in the astrals ❤️

#ascension #lightworkers

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