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Hello, beautiful friends!

We are currently going through a major timeline shift that began last weekend. There has been a lot of distortion and weirdness happening around us, as we now understand has been a part of this. It's been really, really strange in my life these last few, and I've stepped back from the internet to make my choices, let my energy come in and re-align.

Things seem to be stabilizing now, and so I'm back. Giving myself space to change and grow has been an important part of my own trajectory. If you need some for you, go ahead and take it ❤️

An example of how this one is playing out: One of my old soft spots was unjust structures and money. Yesterday, I found out that about $1200 of bills I paid are apparently 'lost' nor not paid (they're not, I have receipts for every payment. I'll need to go through bureaucracy to prove it BUT I know it will be fine). Old me would have FREAKED OUT over that. Me now calmly asked what I needed to do to get it sorted. It felt really good (and feels good) to close that cycle which will happen over the next few weeks as my claims are investigated. It's actually kind of nice to have this come up because I know that it means I'm stepping out of what was my hardest bit. In conversation with clients and friends, it seems that this pattern is being mirrored in their lives as well. Maybe yours too?

As with any timeline shift, there has been sooooo many chances for a review, and so many choices to make. The best part about this is that as the old crap comes up to test you, you're able to use the opportunity to bring in the highest vibrational energy associated with the primary ascension timeline and your mission. It's pretty neat.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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