New Moon Anthem

Out playing around in the fields and what song comes through? This one. With it came a flow of gratitude for all of the hard work that those choosing love are committing to themselves. To us.

Congratulations, dear ones. We just made a pretty significant advancement into a new timeline from what I understand.

Calling upon all of you to join me in securing highest vibration you possibly can into the primary ascension timeline, and to anchor yourselves in alignment with your journey(s).

Again. Congratulations, dear ones. We just crossed another thresh-hold.

I am off to be with the vortexes I was called to Gatekeep in the mountains for the next few days where I will continue the good work. (And have fun.) Communication will be limited until I am back to the city.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow

#music #anchoring

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