• Katie IndiCrow

solstice activation and update call

Greetings beautiful friends,

I am hosting a solstice activation and update call today at 6 pm MST. All who choose love are welcomed and there is no charge to participate. I will live link to this page and Love Wave as I set up the space that day, just prior to 6 pm MST.

Those participating in the call are asked to ground and align their energy prior to connecting in. This will support smooth transmission. The recording of this call will be available as quickly as I can get it uploaded afterward.

We are in the motion of an incredible shift, dear ones. I am here in humble service and as a messenger of love. I have been called to bring lightworkers of all backgrounds together to share information on how to progress through these beautiful moments in this fashion. It is exciting to be part of this together and to get to communicate with you.

Looking forward to connecting in with you!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#solstice #lightworker

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