Life as a Lightworker and how You Can Connect to Mission

As more and more people wake up, they are feeling called to live life as a lightworker. But what does that look like? What do lightworkers do, anyway?

In this video, I share a bit about what my life as a lightworker is like. As noted within and below, I also offer some tips on how you can begin connecting in and embodying your I AM creator presence in the N-O-W. Waking up in the middle of the night? That may actually be one of your calls!!!!!! (discussed below and in video)

Tips on Connecting to Lightwork

Now you have heard about me, what about connecting to you? Here are some techniques that you can use as you connect to your I AM lightworker/creator presence and to support you as you walk your mission path.

Clear your energy bodies

We are not able to fully step in to our I AM presence until we have begun working through and filtering out the energies we are living through that do not fall into alignment with this way of being. This means clearing out your energy bodies and moving through the pain bodies associated with your chakra system. In addition to this, take the time to connect to and clear your various soul aspects. As you bring yourself into alignment with these multiple pieces, you will be able to begin hearing and understanding the dynamics of you. You learn what your soul and heart sound like, and filter out the noise associated with uncleared aspects, shadow guides, and pain.

Study/Connect to your special skill sets as a lightworker

As you are clearing your energy bodies, you will be given the chance to see the mechanics of how energy works. You also get the chance to practice ways to move through it. These lessons serve as a great bedrock for connecting in to your skill sets. Especially when a person is working with their aspects and the various beings/information sets associated with them. Tools galore!!! The only way to get them and to use them with mastery is to go through this process of study and connection (which never truly ends, because we are always changing). The form it takes is up to you.

Pay attention to the signals you’re being given through patterns such as sleeping (and waking)

Waking up at night is a common one for many of us. There are historical accounts of people referring to this period as first and second sleep. During this time, waking up at ‘holy’ hours such as 4-6 was considered an opportunity to do things like pray and reflect. Some people wrote, others copulated. The point was, that people were waking up. One of the nudges I am getting as I write this piece is that for many of us, waking up is a chance to connect back into our work, move through energy as part of a timeline review/release (see the review, or as an opportunity for creation.

This can also be a time to refuel or reset from certain work that is being done in the astral realms while we sleep. We are able to move through, participate in, and adjust to various energy scenarios in our sleep for it is here that much of our work is done prior to stepping into and embodying mastery in the now. Sometimes we need to wake up to take a break from, eat, or drink to refuel. We may even take these moments as a chance to reflect and review before going back in to work.

Waking up suddenly in the night may also be connected to a call for your direct lightwork and mastery in this dimension now. Rising in this instance may create space for you to tap into the lightworker collective and hear what is required of you in service in the moment. We are in a major transition. While it is plausible to create space for lightwork in your life into which tasks will typically fall (say you work a 9-5 and do most of your efforts on the weekend), there are also times where we’re all being called to act now. My team has begun firing off messages to one another in the night and to our delight/surprise – we are on the missions, some of us awake and others asleep, cooperating. This type of action is possible for all of us, and I invite you to attempt tuning in next chance you get if you feel so inclined. We are connecting more and more as a collective. You are a part of that.


Whether you have been on the path for 25 years or joined in yesterday with skills a-blazing, we all need to practice. All of us. Often. With every wave is a training period. As the energies rise and I connect to more and more of my skills, I then have to re-refine my use of them and tweak/re-create for the vibrational frequencies they are being used in. It is

Be Present Without Rushing

The steps to take are rather simple, right? And they all build together. Your existence is a beautiful story, and the journey to coming into who you are is one of the great gifts of being a lightworker here and now.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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