Greetings beautiful friends,

Another day, another energy transition. Can you feel it? And more importantly, were you able to sleep last night? It seems that many of us were woken up multiple times, some with nightmares. Myself included (and I haven't had any of those for quite some time).

What does this say to me? Well, my first inclination is to reflect on the lower vibrational density energy that many are working through/that is being released through the collective as a result of recent events. As a collective, we are bringing up and dealing with a LOT of repressed/hidden/forgotten about pain. You see, all those shifts we go through as people, we must also go through as societies. We've been in this process for some time now, and the events which have occurred since our gateway opened seem to have helped shore up/show up that which is ready to be dealt with.

As for myself, I am on the road again :). This time taking a final sweep through Atlantic Canada before heading to Calgary. I've spent a few glorious days on PEI in the light of love of my family and am now recharged and ready to get into final position for Solstice. This gateway has been an interesting one, and I am excited to continue working in loving service to Gaia and all of you. There have been several cross Canada trips for me in the past few months and I am excited to continue this work.

One thing that I would like to point out is that MANY people are reporting seeing evidence of the gateway being opened in their surroundings. For example, on Friday and into Saturday, gatekeepers began our next phase. Notice lots of rainbows, portals in the sky, angelic figures, elementals, and light beings in the skies/all around? Me too! To my delight, so also have friends and loved ones who are not part of this 'spiritual' community. One of the things I've been noticing most is that the shifts in vibration on Gaia have made it easier to record and photograph these moments. It seems, dear ones, that this is getting very 'real' in a way that many of us have waited lifetimes for. (Image from work on Saturday)

I'm about to hit the road again and must take my leave for the time being. More from me soon :).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#energyupdate #gateway #solstice

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