Mirroring is not always easy.

one of the best bits of being able to mirror is that you are able to experience so much joy in helping people to see the best bits of the selves. One of the hardest bits can be facilitating glimpses into the belly of the beast, often times being mistaken for said creature oneself. A lot of us here have likely had communications where every word the person was saying to you was soooo clearly about them, yet they didn't know or care to see in that moment.

As timelines diverge and energies shift, it seems to me that fissions seem to be coming quick, test laden, and if you're ready to learn, with lessons. As a high vibe person, there can be moments where it is an extremely difficult task. Particularly when people in your midst are being affected by shifting yet do not have the tools (or desire) to deal with it. These situations can lead to some pretty nasty projections and behaviour depending on who you are around and what they are dealing with.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, remember that you are in no way obligated to stay. Remember that loving a person does not mean that you need to tolerate any form of abuse or compromise to your health or safety.

As we extract ourselves from lower vibe into higher vibe surroundings and conditions, these things might happen. Please accept this posting as a word of love and support for you to remember your best interests should you ever find yourself in one such situation.

I AM an eternal optimist. I believe that given the space to grow and choose, all people can live in love.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow



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