• Katie IndiCrow

Wayshower Series: Lightwork Everywhere!

Hello, beautiful friends! The next installment of the wayshower series is one that I think just about every single one of us can connect to: LIGHTWORKING EVERYWHERE!

So many of us talk about ‘big’ days like Equinox, Solstice, and portals like the Lion’s Gate. While these moments ARE astrologically and energetically significant, they aren’t the only ones that matter. One of the most wonderful parts of being a lightworker are the little bits and bobs that we do each and every day as we move through our lives that bring light, love, and understanding to Gaia, her children, and the grids as part of our ascension missions!

In this installment of the Wayshower series, I discuss ways that we can infuse 5d+ lightworking techniques into our day to day lives/practice to supercharge our I AM presence here on earth. Topics of discussion/exercise focus will range from: 5d+ anchoring of light/ascension energy into trees, rivers, rocks, and buildings; group work amplification techniques; and listening to our environments/teams on how to connect in and offer precisely what is needed in alignment techniques at any given moment. This session will focus most heavily on techniques being used as part of the Gaia ascension mission (and as such will be very earth focused). We are bringing the world back online and into UNITY, dear friends, and the work that we do in these every day moments is a big part of that.

See event long description for registration information. Also, please note that I'm in MST for this event. It will be my first from my new home in Calgary :).

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