This energy period has been something else, hasn't it? Rapidly changing circumstances, moments of major breakthrough, and opportunities to change and grow in a loving, exciting manner are being experienced by many. Myself included, which is why I have been a bit quiet this week. I'm moving to Calgary in service for June :). It will be great to be in a more central location and closer to so many of you <3 (Ireland, I'll be back very soon.)

While for some this shift is bringing great feelings and excitement, for others it is being experienced as something of a brick wall. Friends and clients have been reporting feeling as though they are at their wits end. My reply? That is a very good sign. Face into the pain, make your choices, and have the strength to stand behind and love through them. We ALL have felt this way at one time or another and you are not a failure. When you move into 5d+ frequency, parts of your being that aren't there start to feel like nails on a chalkboard. Follow the discomfort and set yourself free. Practitioners of all sorts are here to support you with writing, sessions, energy alignments, and activities - reach out to them if you are feeling so inclined! Those of us who have been through this are of particularly poignant support <3

Are you starting to pick up on the patterns of energy flux and change, friends? What we are experiencing in these moments is a rocking back and forth between frequencies where we are given the chance to review, adjust, re-calibrate, and move forward into love. Many of us went through similar feeling energy phases back in January, and again beginning February through to Equinox, and then again leading into solstice. Why does this matter? Quite simply because we are being given very specific and wonderful energies that can super-charge our efforts and intentions, helping us move around energies in much shorter cycles for review and release than it felt possible in 3d vibes. Recognizing, understanding, and then becoming your own master of the process is going to help you really connect to YOU (and also to have fun as opposed to get stuck up in suffering).

If you are interested in learning more about how to get through the rocking back and forth/shifts, I've created a series of pieces on them which I've titled 'Embodying Ascension'. Though written during our last series of waves, the energy theory and practices are designed for these types of movements.…/embodying-and-understanding-as…

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#energyupdate #ascension #SelfMastery

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