• Katie IndiCrow

choosing timelines: 'the review phase'

Welp, a major major bit of energy and light has made connection with us here on earth. You feeling it? So many are!! Yesterday was a major purging for many. With that, and major energy shifts, comes an opportunity that I like to refer to as 'the review phase'.

I made this video after the equinox corridor in preparation for moments like this :). As I announced at the time, I had retired from academia to live this life of service full time. Funnily enough, as this wave came in yesterday I wound up securing an apartment in Calgary and found a way to get little Damien to come with me now as opposed to end of August. WOooo!!! As of June 7 - that's our home <3...(sharing because that's how fast this stuff actually happens when you go into it and use these tips.)

Here's hoping that this video helps you understand the rapid/racing thoughts some of you might be having and how to work through a 'review' in a way that is best for you! This is allll about working through the waves with mastery <3. YOU CAN DO THIS!


#timelines #TheReview #energyshift

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