Wayshower Series: Advancing Contact

What if I told you that making contact with light beings didn't have to be scary, and done under the cloak of night? What if I told you that space teams all over the galaxy are ready for more advanced contact with YOU! Well, if you've been watching my recent videos you know this is something that is within the capacity of each of us.

Join me tomorrow for this exciting installment of Wayshower Series: Advancing Contact where I'll be sharing my very best information about how to advance contact, be safe, and get creative in the process. Registration closes for this at 4 pm AST tomorrow. Please contact indicrowinfo@gmail.com to be part of the fun!!

And here's a taster of what to expect for those feeling curious but not quite sure <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zqJtvnzs3A

(further information in event description)

#Wayshower #contact

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