Calling Architects of Light Body/Being Contact: It's Time!

Greetings beautiful souls!

What if I told you that grounded, here on earth contact with light bodies and beings is possible in the here and now. Well, I AM because WE ARE ready!

The rising vibration of Gaia, coupled with that being experienced by so many of us, is creating space for new and different forms of embodied contact. One of my favourite parts about this is that WE, as wayshowers in this process, have the ability to be architects of our own experience. See ya later, scary narratives of engagement. This can be fun and done at our own comfort and pace. That's pretty neat, if you ask me.

In this piece, I share about an experience I had this weekend in the forest as an example of what is possible for us all. It is time, dear ones, and our friends need our help. They've done so much for us. Let's get high vibes, get practicing, and get negotiating this process.

Edited to add that i do not mean all cloud ships. Just particular misty ones of dark matter that travel on the ground*

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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