• Katie IndiCrow

Wayshower Series: Advancing Contact

May 25

Cost: $22.22 CAD un- waged, $30 CAD waged

Where: Online, through zoom and then emailed to you as playback within 48 hours of the event

Format: 90 minutes of discussion, 30 minutes of q & A

Loads of us have been in contact with our star families, angels, awscended masters and other forms of being associated with ascension for many years. We've talked to them, channelled them, felt their presense. Sometimes, we've wanted more. Well, good news! Recent energy transitions have made it so that new and different forms of contact with various types of light beings such as ETs in ships are becoming possible. In this installment of the wayshower series, I share more information about how to enhance your communication with lightships and light-beings. They are ready, and I am here to act as a bridge for those so choosing my sercice in that role.

In this session, I'll provide grounded examples of what contact looks and feels like. For those of you who are not closely connected to my work, I have been in deep training on contact. In this session, I draw from my experiences in this realm (as well as through direct channeling of the Feds and star groups of participating) to provide you with up to date and heart based information. Together, we'll work on removing fear blocks, talking about how YOU can shape your very own contact experience so that it is comfortable and fun. This will include how to identify your family, what you can do to help make materialization (or if it's ets, landing) achievable for them!

To register, contact: indicrowinfo@gmail.com

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