• Katie IndiCrow

All Hands on Deck

Beautiful friends,

A few things. To begin, I lovingly suggest you follow the personal pages, on and off facebook, of the writers you enjoy to stay up to date with what's going on. We are having some interruption in the communication fields. I personally am doing great, so please do not worry for me. As a community, we've dealt with it before, we will again. Sharers will always keep sharing. Seekers will keep seeking. We'll keep finding ways to come together.

A second message is that we are now in full gateway mode. I've been out walking for 5+ hours a day, running missions, and seeing a lot of movement in the service shared with others since Tuesday. We continue now. I'll going to be away from digital communication for most of the next few days after tomorrow AM. Service calls, and I'm giving it everything I've got.

Any of you who have been paying attention to sharings about DNA upgrades, anchoring, embodying ascension, and bringing in highest possible outcomes: these next few days are going to be great for using the skills you've been building. All the stuff I've created and offered to you over these past few months should help see you through these next few alignments. Other sharers have likely been on the same path. Sometimes people complain about why we don't offer our teachings for *free* and the answer is that a lot of us actually do. You need to be proactive in pulling out the knowledge.

Those feeling the call to extend your training - now is an excellent time to figure out and begin your next steps. After Monday, we have a month of a 'lull' before our next big phase, then six weeks and another. This summer (or winter, hemisphere depending) is indeed go time.

(edited to add this song)

Angels, it is time. All hands on deck.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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