Greetings beautiful friends,

One of the most wonderful parts of being a gridworker right now in my own service is being given the chance to return and re-activate ancient knowledge that has long laid dormant. Gone are the arduous and long clean up crew missions I used to share so much about. While we're certainly still clearing out distortion, so much more effort is being given to aligning, recalibrating, and re-connecting.

This is a video I took yesterday while out in service and opening the gateway. This field has meant so much to met and the trees lining it are such powerful teammates <3. Out we went, anchoring in and returning ancient knowledge back to the grids, taking information converging in the environment around me and replacing it to the grids for all to access.

Here's a shot of when I walked in, and this is what happened through cooperation with wind, dragons, and cloud :). It's so fascinating and wonderful how Gaia works with us as we serve her <3

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#gridwork #dragon

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