Beautiful friends,

In early February it became clear that we were ready to begin preparations for a major series of transitions!!!! As this came in, I was called to bring together people who were interested in embodying ascension energies and to give updates and information about how to do that. It was (is) my intention to inspire those around me to connect to their beautiful I AM presence. I feel strongly that when one understands the fundamentals of energy and intention, they are able to take those tools and use them in a way that works with their unique BEing. The information shared herein is some of the best bits generated and shared within/beyond the Love Wave community in answer to this call and in line with this heartfelt belief in the power of mastery encapsulated within each and every one of us.

****We are on the precipice of a major transition, loved ones, and I feel this information might be useful to any of you who are feeling the call. This is my offering of love to you, as we move into what promises to be a season of transition beyond many of our wildest dreams.****

This series of videos and articles describes what's happening with gateways/portals/eclipses, how/why, and what we can do to embody (and have fun through) these shifts in our own unique way. In them, there’s tips about intention setting in high vibes, how to make timeline transitions, and how to use intention/ceremony to align with mission/highest good. We have had (and will continue to) have great sharing in Love Wave (which you are welcomed to join if this interests you) It was my intention that in doing so, anybody who felt so called could have training, solid advice, and a chance to share/be heard. A lot of love went into generating this material. It was created as a series, and I recommend engaging it this way for max impact!

- Connecting to Ascension with Ceremony, part 1: https://www.lovehaswon.org/…/connecting-to-ascension-with-c…

This is a summary piece that lets you know the basics of ceremony, the heart of love wave, and describes how we can use the energy of the next few weeks to catapult yet another trajectory 😊

- Connecting to Ascension with Ceremony, part 2: https://www.lovehaswon.org/…/preparing-for-solar-eclipse-pa…

Forming intentions (not just good for during an eclipse, but may be very useful for you as we move into the eclipses this summer in addition to right now) > leading into gathering implements, forming intentions, and putting them together.

- Eclipse Summary: update, activation, and next steps: http://in5d.com/eclipse-summary-update-activation-and-next…/

Lots of activations in this one. This video came about after we’d been working together on how to use the energy pockets/transitions/gateways we are moving through as a way to set intentions, bring about the changes we wish to see, and dedicate to our missions for some while. It is a piece that focuses very much on supporting you in your connection to your I AM. Highlighted for lightworkers 😊

- Connecting to Ascension with Ceremony pt. 3: Love Wave: Updates, activations, and how you can boost ascension at Equinox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UjstAMKNDE This is a video that I made as part of a live love-wave call that talks about anchoring in energies to earth as part of ascension. At around 20 minute mark, I begin describing connecting in to the lightworkers network and lead through practice of how to do it. What I share here about Equinox is very applicable at other times including our upcoming solstice.

- Connecting to Ascension with Ceremony pt. 4: Spontaneous Service (hearing and responding to the call In our day to day lives) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYQr3AJq4yo Suggestions on how to hear and answer the call to service that happens more and more and more. Feel the flow of some waves? Here’s how to connect with them!

And for good measure, BORN TO RUN by Bruce Springsteen.

If you've been waiting to hear about a time, now is that time.

Giddy-up, friends, and let's do what we came here for!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#ascension #ceremony #eclipse

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