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Hello, beautiful friends! I am about to do some major relocation and service work which will take my heavy concentration into the late summer months. I am offering gridwork 1 and gridwork 2 for a final time to those of you who are feeling called to come train with me. I can feel you out there wanting this and so in service to you, I have chosen to make this happen!

*Please note that I’ll be moving through Alberta, British Columbia and the rocky beltline area as well as parts of Ireland/UK in the next months. I would especially love to work with people feeling drawn to those areas. It would be great to meet in the physical and team up!! *

GRIDWORK 1: 6 wks, $222 CAD, BEGINNING MAY 22, payment plan accepted. Content: I am an ascension wayshower, and so the information that is presented in this offering is OF THE NOW. You can expect the same type of detail to energy context, galactic/Gaia history, and practical exercise orientation that you find in my writing and videos. This is a practical knowledge, working tools focused series that gives you what you need to know about how to do gridwork in the ever changing energy climate within which we are so blessed to create. We talk about things from working with animals, elementals, trees, what the grids are and how they’re changing, who you are as a master, and what is happening in gridwork today. Dragon and crystal beings may be particularly interested in this material.

Format: As with all my classes, I host an online forum as our ‘classroom’ space and use that as a communication interface with you through the duration of our engagement. I release information in 5 units, one each week. (I will consider letting them out in acceleration if seekers are ready.) Discussion is ongoing. We conclude with a 2 hour group call, where you get dynamic feedback, question and answering, and energy clearing.

GRIDWORK 2: 6 wks, $444 CAD, BEGINNING early JUNE (exact date depending on participants)

Content: This offering is created to uniquely match the energy signature of the seekers who come together to participate in a session of it. After you have identified yourselves, I tune into our collective class consciousness and am presented with a piece for us to work on as a collective. It is hard to bring words to such an experience, but will say that a few jumping to mind are intense, beautiful, and mind expanding. Main components that you can expect are a heavy focus on learning about new gridworking tools and conditions as we continue to adjust vibration and operating systems. A high priority is placed on you connecting to, practicing, and refining tools unique to you as a gridworker that are ready to be discovered in your energy field/story and being given the space to practice it/receive feedback. Team work is also highlighted/practiced. This is an intermediate level offering and requires practice and dedication. It’s probably also the most fun, engaging, and expanding offering I’ve been blessed to share yet.

Format: As described in GW 1, there is an online forum. The offering is presented in 3 weeks of session material, 1 private session with me, and 2 groupwork calls (approx. 2 hours each). This may vary depending on what we’re asked to work on by the grids.

If you would like to speak about registering, please get in touch with me at katieindicrow@gmail.com OR here.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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