ENERGY UPDATE – 9 – Galactic Peace

Greetings beautiful friends, It is an incredible honour to speak with you this morning. It is I, Katie IndiCrow, and I write in collaboration with representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light. I have remained quiet this week, for there has been much going on behind the scenes. These happenings have been alluded to by many writers. I offer but one piece (peace) of the puzzle, which it is time to begin expressing more widely today. Much of my work has been focused on negotiating peace, creating understanding, and facilitating love and cooperation between the various species and orders of beings involved in the ascension effort. This has involved bearing witness to species who have been at war with one another and being given the chance to negotiate with those who have been involved in the suppression of knowledge, repression of divine feminine, and inter-dimensional distortion. As comes as no surprise to any of you, these are interconnected factors. It is exciting to report that love and the example of love we have been setting has warmed the hearts of many beings who once stood in opposition to one another. As I have come to learn, great misunderstandings, the veiling, false confidence in benevolence, and unfair decision making are all factors which have played a part in what became a cluster-fuck of control and power that led to what would have been a destroyed earth. We have been able to work out of that paradigm, and great apologies have been given and received which have served to clear the energetic residue that was weighting down beautiful Gaia and obstructing the ancient knowledge that becomes more readily available with each moment. That which was obstructed is being given back to you. To us. To all. A message that I received two nights ago returns to me now. It simply said, “There is peace on earth in all the hearts who are here”, and it was next to a light-language drawing I had made that represented what I am being told now is the ‘omniverse’. As I look up the definition for that word to see if it resonates, I am brought to tears. (10:10 as I move from the definition to type this) “The omniverse is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, dimension (alternate or pocket) and realm”. What a beautiful message. Still 10:10, though it feels like minutes have passed.

What I am being shown now as I write is that the increased Schumann resonance represents the ability of Gaia and the ancient beings here to raise significantly after some of the greatest atrocities known to any and all are beginning to be cleared, from the root. For it is through understanding, listening, and love that we find the path through ascension. The more we clear, the easier it is for us to align solidly into the primary timeline, highest possible outcome for all that is. I am here to invite those of you who are ready to contribute to this process in your own ways. So many of us who have traveled through time, space, and experienced many lifetimes are here as parts of this process. Karmic release, soul aspect clearing and integration, forgiveness and understanding of self and others – these are all bits that we must do! We are microcosms; as within, so without. As above, so below. We bear aspects which have been involved with these issues in one way or many others.

As we move through, release, integrate and forgive in our own lives, and soul’s trajectory, we are also truly doing so for species and timelines of all sorts. As the GF is pinging in to say now, in fact it is the work that many of you have already been doing in this trajectory that has helped us move forward to where we love now. (10:21) In loving co-creation, (10:30, 9) Katie IndiCrow 11:02.3

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