:Update and safety update(masks are off and wrongs being exposed)

Spent yesterday training with my light family. We are working diligently on negotiating comfortable and embodied contact. More from me on that soon.

At the same time that was happening, it seems we went through another phase of our dimensional split. Friday brought with it strong realizations and brick walls for quite a few, and there was a lot of energy release and recognition that change is needed.

As the shift occurred, i was shown that there had been an attempt to break into my accounts on May 4. They did get in. If you received any invites or messages from me that seemed odd. That is why. Be careful with your accounts. This person got in through my phone number and email address...number which they attained through a lie. This person is a publisher in the spiritual community and their is a good chance you have seen some of their work.

As for those people: I know who you are. I hope you have learned that it's impossible to lie to light and get away with it. The masks are off. Though I hope that if you did steal any of my material that you're able to get the lessons.


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