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Discerning Energy Series pt. 1: Recognizing Vibrational Misalignment

Greetings beautiful friends, A few weeks back, I asked people in several community spaces I participate in what they’d like to learn more about. One of the big answers was that people were seeking more information about advanced/wide range skills and learning to work with minute energy aspects. In response to that, I started a series this morning. Here is the first. Discerning Energy Series pt. 1: Recognizing Vibrational Misalignment Being energy sensitive on a day to day basis can be a lot of fun, but also sometimes weird to figure out. One of the things that used to confuse me so much (that I love now) is the feeling I get when people/places/actions are in or out of alignment. This is a complex topic which will span 3 pieces. The first is what it feels like to recognize misalignment So what is the feeling, you ask? It ranges, depending on who I'm dealing with and which aspect of theirs is out of alignment with their highest good (as identified by themselves and soul aspects to be held as their highest potential). Typically, it begins with me feeling irritation - almost like a mind rash - when I read or hear words or expressions being used on the surface that do not reflect another aspect of the depth of what is not being communicated. It tends to progress to me giving that person (or people) a lot of space because for me, to communicate in anything other than the highest truth creates extreme discomfort. The good news is that once the misalignment is recognized, the alert system shuts off. This usually happens when the person is ready to talk about it, have made changes, or are otherwise moving back into alignment. This isn't as harsh as it sounds. Typically, it's more just giving people the space to figure whatever they are working through out and deal with it their own way. Love is the basic underlying driver, Examples of when this happens? For me a big one is when people write and share from a place of veiled happiness or experience. I can read the discord out of the words which then don't match the public representation. With friends, it often happens when a person is off doing something that they know is not great for them and are projecting a separate image to the public. More generally, it kicks in to help me identify when something is in alignment with me or not, and whether its vibration matches the highest good (or not). In lightwork, this ability has served as incredibly valuable. As we chart new territory, the highest good for all of creation is our true beacon. Connecting to that and using it as a guide through various situations is useful. (More on that in coming pieces – and I keep wanting to write pieces, because truly, it is recognizing the heart of a matter that helps us walk away from surface based discord factors based in old paradigms which we are now negotiating beyond.) So how do we work through these weird feelings we get? For me, when a person tells the truth or returns to alignment it goes away immediately. Not that all people out of alignment are liars. In fact, some of them are likely keeping on one public 'face' while they figure out their lives beyond closed doors. Others are simply just figuring it out. I feel their misalignments because I'm meant to be here to align, and I suspect that those of you experiencing these skills are too. I typically just allow the strength of the vibration I feel to guide me. If it's just a wimper of a 'wooo hoo, misalignment', I'll likely understand the person is just working through something. Immediate removal comes with more strong feelings, at which point if necessary, I casually observe from as neutral a perspective possible and go from there. In lightwork, this indication typically helps me identify what I’m meant to be bringing alignment to, be that in the grids, peace negotiations, training missions, or session work. In those instances, indications direct me to further investigate with other senses and if necessary, to seek counsel with others. So if I'm so psychic, why do I not automatically know what is out of alignment? In the case of day to day conversation, I respect people's privacy and do not go on little trips inside of intentions or minds. My true business here is to create space for alignment and in my gridwork, lining up energies with highest good. In the case of lightwork, I do tend to know as soon as the alert is felt and move forward from there. Why is this helpful? These little indications are like my internal sat-nav system that help me sift through who to trust from situation to situation, what to read, where to go, and ultimately, if something is a good idea for me or not. You see, if I'm getting these feelings I know that there's matters to be attended to IF I should choose to proceed. Being honest, this little system has never been wrong (though sometimes I will occasionally ignore a sign and get burned). Getting to know and trust it has been super helpful to aiding me in moving through my environments with mastery once I was able to figure out what it all meant and how to flow with it. This is something that I understand is accessible to many people, and so sharing this experience is meant to help you spark and understand your own. So what do you think? Do any of you ever have feelings or indications to let you know when something is not in alignment? I'd love to hear how you are working through it . In loving co-creation, Katie IndiCrow


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