Announcement time 😊. Introducing the WAYSHOWER SERIES!

I am being called to begin offering a wayshower series whose purpose is to bring people together around special topics that engage the changing (and exciting) climate within which we work, live and create. These sessions are like mini-seminars and include group energy space, coding, clearing, and dynamic information/skills that you can apply to enhance your practice. They will happen as the current energy requires, with at least 1 per month.

First up is a talk about skills upgrading and adjustment as we move into 5d+!

One of the most exciting things about ascension is that everything around us (and so much within) is changing. As the environment within which we work shifts, so too must we and how we approach it. In this installment of our Wayshower Series, I talk about the various ways that we can adjust and update our skills to be more effective in this new high vibe context. As I’ve been moving through this process, I’ve noticed that the underlying energetic structure of certain practises that have become embedded in our community need a little tweaking to work in 5d+. An example? When you’re cutting cords, what are you doing after that? Many end there and as a result, wind up spending quite a bit of time flapping in 4d discomfort. I recommend extending the process to intentionally connect to the vibrational experience you would like to experience. Simple, right? Yet quite profound.

Topics include: Securing your work/self/clients in high vibrational frequencies; applicability/effectiveness of modalities such as reiki in high vibes; the importance of connecting in to YOUR creative skills and allowing them to flourish; and soul/star family cooperation. Exercises will focus on technique discovery/refinement. See event information for further details.

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