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Hi, everyone.

Hi, everyone. A big part of what I do in service is provide affordable, well targeted training that will support those of you who choose to engage in becoming in touch with YOU and your own unique brand of mastery.

One of the things that has been coming up in session and also as questions through my various forums is various prongs of how to get in touch with aspects of ones' soul, mastery, and self such as: what does it mean to have various soul aspects? How do we connect to them? How do we connect to our ancient knowledge again? How do we come in line with our souls and higher selves? This course is my answer to those questions, and I am here to offer it once again before I head out into the great unknown for the summer.

DESCRIPTION: A month of self-connection and exploration facilitated by Katie IndiCrow ( 3 weeks of class which are the 30-13, 1 private session)

COST: $222 CAD

DESCRIPTION: As the days go on, more and more lightworkers are recognizing the importance of connecting to their souls/selves as an aspect of advancing our missions. This class is specifically designed for those wishing to create a closer, more aligned connection with their soul aspects as part of their journey to Self Mastery.

Each of us has access to various skill sets and knowledges developed throughout lifetimes and the ability to centralize our activities in this and other dimensions to be effective and successful in our efforts. The purpose of this course is to provide participants with the tools to ingrate and connect to that knowledge. It covers topics such as how to go about identifying, clearing, and connecting to aspects of your soul, connecting to and clearing karma, and connecting to/closing timelines. During the 3 weeks of lectures, I give you an understanding of how this process works, provide guidance on how you can move through it yourself, and as always, provide energy clearing and blockage removal on the way. In our final week together, each participant will have a one hour energy alignment session with me where they’ll get the chance to ask very specific questions and receive specifically tailored tips and techniques to implement in their daily lives.

FORMAT: Like all of my classes, I record the lectures and place them in an online classroom where you can access them as your schedule allows. For the first three weeks, there will be a 60 minute video lecture outlining our key topics, and then exercises for you to try at home as 'homework'. Each participant also has a private session with me at the conclusion of the 4 weeks. I’ll give you one-on one feedback and will do any karmic clearing, removals, and alignments that you are ready to receive at that time.

TO REGISTER please contact: IndiCrowInfo@gmail.com

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