I am here in humble service as an ascension guide, wayshower, and information sharer. My services, sessions, and writing reflects what the lightworker collective requires of me at any given time. This is super exciting because it means that as the energies change within and without, so too may I. I talk about dynamism and being flexible all the time, so this likely isn’t surprising to any of you😊.

The time has come for me to begin reorient my work and so, in the next month I’ll be switching things up here at IndiCrow Energetics. Look out for a number of announcements in the coming weeks to let you all know what’s in my heart and on the horizon. One of the new things I’m most excited about are Wayshower Sessions, which I am prepared to start sharing as of today.

Wayshower Sessions

$222 for 90 minute session (plus assessment/consultation analysis)

These sessions are specifically designed to support those of you who are understanding, connecting to, and seeking guidance on various aspects of their wayshowership. These sessions are targeted at people who are a) working on elaborating their missions and require additional support with adjusting to technical aspects; OR b) those who are serving as guides/nodal points for teams or larger group spaces who are seeking advice on how to work with various aspects of their trajectory/flow. As the call to put this together feels, it will be people requiring both. As the energies shift and the Gaia ascends, many of us are being asked to step up and provide new sharings for others in a variety of contexts and these sessions can be used to help recognize the ways you can do just that.

***If you do not specifically fit in there but are drawn to these sessions, please do get in touch. I am willing to be flexible if the alignment is there**

What I am not is an expert in everything. I AM, however, in line with my creator self as an ascension guide. I AM fortunate to hold the ability to be able to connect to your oversoul, energy team, individual creative soul signature, and current energetic context to highlight the ways you can align you with YOU and what is required in your service. In addition to my energetic skills, I have been hosting and holding group spaces/organization for the past ten years ranging in a variety of contexts including community grass roots organization, focus groups, and professional quality forums. I am skilled at setting up safe spaces and performing diagnostic style assessments on networks of all types, and take great joy in sharing these skills. Being on the cutting edge of knowledge and sharing invigorates me, and I offer that passion and experience to you with these sessions.

Prior to connecting via Zoom call, you’ll be asked to fill out a survey that asks you to identify the main issue(s) you are seeking support for in some detail. This helps me hone into who you are, how you are currently doing things, and from there, to bring in the threads of forward movement. It also helps us get right down to business when we get on our call. Format is not standardized because neither are we. In principle, sessions are similar to lightworker activation/mission session because we will be aligning your energy, connecting to mission threads, and focusing on calling in to creative skill-sets. They extend in depth to include more specific discussions about direction in your service and space holding work as wayshowers in your own right in whichever way you share (or are preparing to share). As always, this will be encapsulated in a dynamic discussion of the shifting energetic horizons with which we are engaged interplays with your life, mission, and service.

Please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a Wayshower session :)

On another note: Effective immediately, I am discontinuing my basic energy alignment sessions and retiring any teaching materials developed pre-September 2016. I will teach Gridwork 1 one more time, and then will be taking the summer to focus on more in depth training and service in preparation for August. If you would like to be involved in that final session, please contact me directly.

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