• Katie IndiCrow

GRIDWORK 1 RECRUITING (last time I'll be running this until September at earliest)

Date: beginning May 11 and running for 6 weeks

Cost: $222 CAD

Hi, everyone. I've decided to run my gridwork 1 class one final time before I need to focus on the solstice-Lion's Gate corridor that is signaling itself as an incredibly potent time to bring about vibrational change.

In this class, I share information about the current gridsystem, that which came before it, and how you can begin working with it in a more masterful way. As many of us griddy's' know, this is something we have always done. What I find is that those of us who have been here and doing it before in other lives or just naturally in this one become absolute powerhouses with a little bit of refined training and skills updating. It is my intention to give you a great technical knowledge of how these energy systems work and from there. to help support you engage in your creative connection with them.

Format: Like all my classes, this takes place in a private study group. Materials are posted once a week -- students are free to get to them as life and energy allows. There are 2 group calls included in the package which run for approx 1.5-2 hours each (depending on how many questions you and your classmates choose to ask).

Please get in touch if you'd like to chat about joining in this final Gridwork 1 class.

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