BEING A HIGH VIBE PERSON IN TIMES OF SHIFT: Extra love for the love anchors creating pathways to com

BEING A HIGH VIBE PERSON IN TIMES OF SHIFT: Extra love for the love anchors creating pathways to communication and growth <3

There has been another huge ripple of energy that is now being integrated into the general population. With it came many lessons and opportunities for upgrading. Many of us are in or approaching a void space, though our paths and experiences of that trajectory are vastly characterized. For some this means exposing painful behaviours, for others it means shedding huge weights, and hopefully for everyone, it means that the energy being shifted is creating space for positive growth.

In these moments, it is common for people who are of high vibration to become nodal points of vibrational misalignment. What do I mean by that? Very simply, this: Many of us have heard that just BEing is a highly effective catalyst for change. That the tone and frequency of our vibration is powerful enough to shore up issues of misalignment in the lives of those who interact with us. This can bring forth a range of interactional experiences, from moments of shared growth to outright cursing, swearing, and degrading. If a person was in the process of connecting to joy, exposure to you could help create that whereas if they were going through some hard bits, that is what would be brought about. I'd say a good number of you here are have experienced this to some extent.

In the past few weeks I have noticed a lot heckling and displaced anger going on, particularly in relation to those walking a highly visible spiritual path. This has accelerated in the past ten days or so, especially with the integration of the feminine and acceptance of death/rebirth energies.I understand this is also occurring in personal relationships, with lots of blow ups, control issues, and provocation has been testing many of us - myself included. For many of us, these bring up (or used to bring up) issues of great pain like being judged, needing to justify our being, and the list goes on. In the past, I would have seen events of this manner as demonstration that the world was against me, that nobody would understand me, and that I'm not allowed to have an opinion. Now, I view these interactions as opportunities to help integrate the new divinely integrated pathways. Let me tell you, it's a lot easier to handle this now than it ever was before, and that little kernel of understanding is a key to my peace in this process. No matter how strong and aligned you are, receiving nasty messages is still receiving nasty messages. It doesn't hurt, but it's not fun.

I am sharing this message today in the event any of you out there experiencing the less wonderful nodal point aspect of these transitions. This is new or some of you, and I want to encourage you to stay strong in your love. It's important to always check yo-self and to ensure that you are not being arrogant or missing any of your own vibrational misalignments being highlighted in a situation. (aka, make sure you aren't projecting yourself before you decide your course of action.) Some of us truly are wayshowers in a relationship sense, and how we act does matter. This aspect of having a high vibration doesn't get talked about as much, and so I thought I'd take a minute and offer some suggestions on how those of us facing these situations might like to approach them:

Stand your ground without fighting: allowing yourself to be a pushover, particularly in the 3d feminine paradigm we are breaking away from, reiterates that energetic pattern. Firmly but lovingly stating your opinion helps to express the dynamics in a situation in a way that does not contribute to further hostility.

Know when to listen and when to take a break: Building on this, sometimes people truly are quite upset and it is better to step back and let them process their feelings. Explosions of emotion are common in these transition times, and sometimes being given the space to move through it on their own is exactly what a person needs. There is no need to poke the tiger.

Enact boundaries when you need to and let others know how and why in a loving manner. This is part of helping people see and experience healthy relationships. Silence and abstinence are wonderful mirrors.

Do not allow the pain of others to become your burden: Building on the last point, sometimes people will keep poking you out of a subconscious/soul driven attempt to touch the light and thus relieve their pain. Ever get a random message from a person filled with the need to have conflict for no reason and then immediately feel like you got punched? Well, my friend, that's because in the astrals you just walked into their shit. And in touching it, your very vibration is helping to alleviate it. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO DO THE HEAVY LIFTING. Step away from communication. If you can, do allow people to know that you won't be further interacting and why.

And if you can, remember that you aren't alone. It is not always easy to hold a high vibration and to have people play things out on you that they themselves don't yet understand. Our job, I guess at this point is to allow the flash of recognition to occur and then keep it moving. Having the ability to be a love highlighter everywhere you go is a lot of fun, after all and while we can show love, right now our energy needs to be on CREATE, not placate.


Katie IndiCrow Energetics

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