Hi, everyone!

Back again after some work clearing and securing timelines in service, another round of space clearing for myself, and some dedicated effort on my upcoming classes (you can still register for SoulSpeak if you feel called).

I created this update late last week. Today feels the day that is in alignment with its release. It has been some time since I have recorded a video with an update from the Galactic Federation. As a result, we cover 3 issues that bear relation to one another at this time.

The first section contains a message from the Galactic Federation regarding the importance of personal healing and owning our own shifts as parts of mission training and completion. They remind us that as we work through our own ‘stuff’, we gain the tools to engage in matters of more complexity. The second part focuses on energy discernment, particularly in relation to which information we listen to, who we allow to do energy work on us, and who we team up with. We have been hearing a lot about false lightworkers etc (whom I do believe exist as darkworkers). What we consider less is the role of well meaning energy workers who are unintentionally leaving back-doors in clients by virtue of their energetic state at the time of session and/or the vibrational frequency of their tools.

Much love,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics

#lightworkers #GalacticFederation

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