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Hello, beautiful friends.

Hello, beautiful friends.

It's been a wonderful last few days energetically speaking, with such lovely and powerful love waves being felt ever since Sunday morning. The work we came together to do during Equinox ended (or at least the phase I was on April 4-8) with what felt (and still feels) like an extended hug.

We have entered retrogrades, and for that I am grateful. These are beautiful windows within which we can reflect, rest, and plan. Ever since I stopped viewing retrogrades as a problem, as they are often discussed in popular astrology, I've learned to really love these moments.

With each major transition, we are given the chance to step into new ways of knowing, being, and loving. My journey to Western Canada gave the opportunity for so much learning, exposure, and activation. The closing of this gateway and the rewards of a job well done through it have brought even more clarity, insight, and a lot of information to heart through. Many of you are experiencing the same thing in your own lives. Why not use the retrograde as a chance to feel, think, and adjust through? At the beginning of May, that which we reflect and build upon will be in a strong alignment for launching. There's a reason so many civilizations worked with celestial bodies - they truly are powerful helpers and informants that we can look to and cooperate with in achieving our goals.

I will be quiet for another day or two as I work my way through setting up the next 2 courses I'm teaching and letting the knowledge settle in a few more days before I share it. There's so much to say that how and in which order remains a bit uncertain <3.

If you are looking to register for Soul Speak and have not yet done so, please contact me as soon as possible.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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