• Katie IndiCrow

Back in the saddle - giddy up :)

The energy of today is a put rubber to the road, shit or get off the pot type of a feeling. I feel many of my brothers and sisters coming out of their fog and connecting to their missions in an embodied way, some for their very first time. Welcome back! Now let's take the reigns.

Over the last few years, there has been a wave of complacency/inaction that blanketed a lot of us from getting to the mission work, myself included. I got caught up in a duality cycle which conceptually blocked me from seeing the way to move forward in my full heart on my service. Thankfully, I got through it. So can you. So many are working through this patch right now. If it helps at all to know, I believe in you <3

I've noticed a tendency for some who are connecting to their I AM to point out an issue and then just step back and do nothing about it. when I encourage them to connect and give it a shot, almost always they are able to and ready for it! You see, if you're noticing it, there's a good chance it's part of your call. Paying attention to what comes up, what draws your heart, and learning to work with that could in fact be that thing you're searching to understand you're here for. Taking these steps will help bring you out of the 'slump' so many of us found ourselves in.

The days of looking at things, remarking how we should do something about them, and then sitting back and waiting for somebody else to take care of it are over. If you see a chem trail, eliminate it. If you notice something that you'd like to help shift, do it.

Remember: WE are the ones we've been waiting for. It's time to connect in, take responsibility of what we came to do, and then go out and do it.




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