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ENERGY UPDATE: Moving through the shi(f)t

Well, folks. Here we are. In the middle of another massive flux. I don't know too many people at this point who aren't experiencing it in some ways. We are all where we are at in our journeys, and this little ditty is accelerating and magnifying everything.

All around, people are making note of feeling nauseous, tired, anxious, and there are reports of headaches and various other ascension symptoms. This is to be expected, and will continue until you're high vibrational enough and using your mastery to move through them. Drink water, sleep, eat, write, cry, and do what you need to do to move through what's coming up. There is SO MUCH you can do to help yourself. Use the information at your disposal through this amazing web, connect to your soul, be with those you trust. Think of this is a launch pad and not a brick wall.

As a gateway, much of my job right now is standing back and holding space as those around me work through their shift. Many of you are now acting as conduits and anchors, and are also moving into life experiencing what is 'high vibe' existence. It's a lot of fun, right? The sky seems more blue, your favourite song is playing everywhere you go, and things are just falling into place. At the same time, you are realizing your vibration as a conduit for this energy has the ability to catalyze situations and induce vibrational change (which can result in reaction of all types) from others. Sometimes this is great and people connect to joy, peace, and love with you. Sometimes this feels really crappy because you basically are serving as a walking beacon whose very presence is helping shore up what needs to be reconciled in others. If you are noticing that people around you seem to be 'spinning out', they may be. Understanding things from this perspective may be a useful aid in helping yourself manage and move through this. Don't dim your light in these situations, dear ones. It's part of what we need to be doing in service. Returning to mastery, you got this far, surely you can figure this out too. I have so much faith in you!

On another note, many of the most old woundings that we have are coming back up for review. In these situations, remember the notion of timeline shifting. Remember the importance of letting yourself process through the pain of what is occurring. We often go through these little test and review phases before we hit acceleration. This is a really good time to bid farewell to that which no longer serves you. The story is over - are you ready to close the book?

Remember. This is what we wanted.

Sending you lots of love and one small dance party <3

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