ENERGY UPDATE: incoming 4/4 :)

My work as an energy conduit continues today, as I anchor in 4/4 energies and begin holding space for our next transition. As I experience it, there are pulsating waves coming through every 25-30 minutes at this point, though they were spaced out by a few hours earlier in the day.

With each pulse comes an opportunity for growth and change; both within and without. Some of you may be noticing your review to be speeding up today/around these days (often accompanied with/spurred on by these waves). My best advice is to humbly look at yourself in each moment. Do your personal clearing and timeline selection as the shift allows. Love is not too good to be true.

How do you know a wave is coming in? People experience these things in different ways. For me, key points in my energy system light up and with these last few days, my vision goes blurry. When I have choices to make, I almost move into a one on one negotiation with the issue and then very deliberately direct my energy. At that point, I then connect highest possible outcome energies, and lay in the pink love energy my early January videos described. I invite you to watch them if you're looking for more information on many aspects addressed in summary herein. My personal website has all of my articles and videos posted.

In addition to shifting timelines, we are also raising our vibration. As the waves come in, perhaps you would like to try more intentionally incorporating them into your DNA. When you feel the movement of energy begin (or if you feel like calling it in), go into a meditative state and visualize yourself receiving/aligning with it. Connect your dna and five the intention to align and calibrate with as high a frequency as you are able to handle. If you feel so called, you can also help to anchor these energies into various parts of the grid. Let your heart be your guide <3

Love always,

Katie IndiCrow @IndiCrow Energetics

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