We went through some very intense transitions in the last 3 days at the wrap up of the Equinox corridor. Endings ended, we've been reviewing and releasing/connecting to energy stories, and our vibrations have risen significantly. No matter who you are or where you are on in the ascension path, I dare say you are likely feeling some sort of difference.It feels like we were able to accomplish in the last 3 weeks what used to take 3 months. What I understand is that we are collectively getting better at making timeline jumps because more and more of us are becoming aware of and knowingly participating in the process. Good job to all! And now, we integrate.

I'm personally in a bit of shell shock because I traveled back and forth through Canada, and went through a lot of work in the Rockies and astrals.. That last 3 weeks changed everything for me, and I suspect that may could say the same about their own experiences. Now that it's over and I have arrived home, my brain is not even turned on and I can actually barely see out of my eyes. Typing this is really hard but I feel like it is necessary, so bear with me if it's awkward :). I slept for the last 2 days almost uninterrupted except to wake up and eat as much as possible. All of these behaviours are pretty characteristic of a major energetic upgrade/timeline shift. If you're there too, be gentle with yourself and let yourself rest and relax. This is normal - it's a part of new knowledge coming in and your body upgrading to the new light you're able to hold.

Sending you love and tidings of a smooth integration phase <3. I'll create more once I can properly see and think again

#Equinox #connect

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