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Well, my friends...

A lot has certainly transpired in the past few weeks since the Equinox portal has opened. There have been great leaps forward into higher dimensional reality for Gaia and those choosing love.

I haven't been sharing recordings as much lately because I'm out in the field so this one covers a lot of ground. I begin by talking about the experience of shifts within our current corridor and how we can work with as opposed to against these energies. From there I move into mission updates which includes closing out lower vibrational access/agenda lines, releasing vibrational suppression on truth, clearing parts of Western Canada, and the joy of connecting to Sasquatch energy. I speak about pockets of lover vibrational energy and the importance of bringing light to them, clearing them up, and connecting them back to love. Canadian lightworkers - I would love to chat with you about the Forests and mountains. At 21 minutes in, I move back to Equinox corridor energy discussions, providing suggestions on how to understand and move through this corridor (and the next ones) with more ease.

Thanks again to all who support and participate in this work! Here is my paypal should you wish to share donations paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow

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