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Happy Equinox, beautiful souls.

Happy Equinox, beautiful souls. I continue work on the grids today through ceremony and then waterway and mountain work to integrate these beautiful energies into every nook and cranny I can possibly get to.

For people who are just beginning to get involved with dynamic energy work, THANK YOU FOR TAKING THESE STEPS. We have been working together for the past 8 weeks here to provide information that is useful to you in terms of how to call in this beautiful energy, use it to support your own transition, and of course to contribute to ascension. Use what works for you and don't be afraid to create from the heart, today and all days. Calling in love, choosing love, anchoring love - those are all incredibly powerful acts and your efforts matter and mean so much <3

To those who are working on other aspects of gridwork, timeline clearing/calling in - we are moving in the new templates :). The waterays and plant kindgom are great allies in this process.

Many are reporting having extreme energy symptoms. Sore throat, feeling very tired like they are pinned down through g force, anxiety, extra hunger, headaches and the list goes on. This is part of what it feels like to undergo a rapid vibrational rise, which is what we and Gaia are currently going through. Be gentle, practice self care, and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If you need to sleep, do it. Cry? Let it out. Dance with joy, which is where I'm at - shake your groove thang. We ALL go through painful and pained moments but they do end and that I can promise you <3

I have put out a lot of material around this process, how to call in energy, how to release, and suggestions around how to connect to/focus your intentions since December. I do recommend you heading over to my website or facebook page and checking through for useful information. I am on a time limit with the internet today, and as a result will leave the fishing up to you

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