A loving message to all that we are still in the Equinox portal, and there are still some pretty intense energies moving through. Vibrational raising can be a process, one that takes us on a very curvy path through ourselves and our societies into love. Remember I've spoken of rocking? This is that time.

Last night there were some pretty heavy waves moving through again - and thank goodness for it. As I experience this it feels like they are timed to come 2 times a day, usually early and then again through the evening in my time zone. The best thing you can do is allow yourself to calibrate and align, connect to 5 d, and set your intentions for that which you wish to experience. These waves will bring you ever closer to your soul and that which you require to live your best and most loving life here <3. Trust the shift, beautiful friends. Do not despair in the discomfort (unless you need to let go of despair). It is part of this and you aren't doing something wrong.

Much love and a video from me later


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