CAW CAW - Travel/Energy update

The most recent wave of my work began late Friday evening AST as I began moving through cutting more karma from suppressed story lines and truths which MUST be integrated if we are to release the rest of the energetic baggage we've been dragging around. Remembering isn't always about the glory and freedom. It can also be about times when we recall that 'our' civilization has made some mistakes or that 'our' truth system has sometimes been manipulated....more on that in its own post. To be global ambassadors of peace and love, we must extend that here on earth to all beings.

The work continued the next day as the cross-Canada trip commenced. The journey began with a full moon transitioning into a beautiful sunrise with a rainbow presenting itself just behind the plane I was to board. (Ever see one of those in 20 below? I haven't.) It felt very good to connect to the Canadian grid in more physical way. There is definitely energetic blocks existing in parts of our system, in particular in terms of streamlining the new (old) gridlines I'm out here to work with through and into their running point in Europe. This also appears to be impacting the flow from the Territories and down through the US (beyond, I also get the sense but have not traveled those lines enough just yet to make any statements). I was shown a few months back that we have some disc obstruction in our system still and this journey has confirmed that. I'll be rallying lightworkers on this issue for at least the next year. More on that one soon too.

I'm settled safely in BC now, clicked into her from here and doing what I can to secure rainbow love everywhere it is needed or asked for. In the next few days ,I'll be traveling around and offering myself in service to the land, trees, and elementals. I will also be spending as much time as i can with the ocean, connecting to the story-lines and knowledge that we placed in them for our later activations.

Equinox corridor is open and I will address that in further postings during the week :)

On a side note: I do get the odd questions about why I'm so vague sometimes and I'll be very honest. I do it with intention. Not everyone wants us to succeed at this. There are still beings on this earth and affecting people who live here that would prefer we fail at this and every mission .When I need t wait to let out information, it is for a very specific reason. Sometimes it's that I need to let it roll around in my heart before I can fully express it, other times it's that we must keep a lid on until it's over to stop from being infiltrated. The best thing you can to do make sure that you aren't one of those manipulated/infiltrated beings, get right with yourself. Raise your vibration. And if ever in doubt, CHOOSE LOVE. It will not steer you wrong.

More from me soon.

AND A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THOSE OF YOU SUPPORTING THIS WORK. Donations, kind emails, pictures of you out doing your own work - all of it makes my heart soar and powers me like a big huge sun. I LOVE YOU!

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