• Katie IndiCrow

Love Wave: Updates, Activations, and how we can help boost ascension through Equinox (...and a littl

Last night I hosted a call with Love Wave (an online community here on FB you're welcome to join). In the hour we spent together, I provide insight into the current context of ascension energies, describe the 'new' (old) grid system, and talk about how we as lightworkers can use our intention to boost ascension efforts in coming months.

I describe two training programs herein. The first is called Integrating Energy and the second is a Gridwork Level 1 program. I will post about them in a separate post on my IndiCrow Energetics facebook page (where this video is hosted). Please head over and check them out if your interest is piqued :)

#LoveWave #Equinox #solstice

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