UPCOMING CLASS: Integrating Energy (4 wks, $111 CAD)

Hi everyone,

I created a class called integrating energy whose purpose is to give a strong overview of energy bodies and tools to manage them. It was designed within the context of rapid energy shifts and 'leveling up' or skills expansions that they help us experience (aka, exactly what we're experiencing right now and will continue to in the coming months). This class gives attendees a flexible and dynamic tool kit that they can use in their own life, practice, and in service.

Class begins March 16. Payment in full is required by March 30. Cost is $111 CAD with a $22 deposit required to hold your spot. (See extended post for further information about meetings etc)

Week 1: Energy body basics (chakra system, meridians, and interpreting signs from our bodies)

Week 2: Energy body basics (aura, auric fields, and energy transmission)

Week 3: Sensory development and management (‘yours or mine’ for empaths, how to develop your ability to read energy, using tools like tarot cards and gemstones)

Week 4: Working with your team (guides and the role they play in our lives, how to connect with them, how they speak to you, and basic intro to channeling)

**Students receive energy clearings and activations as they move through the material, and also in the group call**

Format: The class will take place online, in a private discussion group. As many of you connected to me know, we stand much to learn by being given the space to ask questions and be heard. For that reason, these classes will be small and managed as an intimate environment. Each week is a new ‘unit’. For each ‘unit’, I will post a new video (60 minutes ish). Throughout the week, we will host discussion on the topic at hand.

I will also host a live q and a session at the end of our class where students can get real time feedback and share insights gained throughout the course. It will be like our end of the year pizza party (and I encourage you to eat treats while we do it).

To speak about registration, please contact me here at katieindicrow@gmail.com

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