• Katie IndiCrow

Energy update: burn, baby burn (timeline inferno)

Beautiful friends. Many people are feeling the impacts of a timeline restructuring that we were able to initiate post-corridor. My work was mostly focused on removing vibrational suppression of ancient knowledges, dredging out lower vibrational entities, and aligning grids.

The echoes of our work are being felt, big time. We are seeing chaos flares again, facing massive choice points that have the power to change lives, an feeling vibrational pulling as we move into alignment with our collective jump. We are at it again and with much more rapidity than even I expected. Stay in love, be real with yourself, and connect to the highest possible outcome as I've shared about in my videos and other writings.

Key to the success of our work is the effort that each and every one of you who are choosing love and taking the steps to be engaged co-creators of a loving, high vibe earth experience. As you move through your own personal shifts, you are loosening SO MUCH density that we can then swish right through much easier than if we had to undo each individual tie ourselves. As we untether from our own corruption/occupation/lack narrative, we so too loosen lower vibrational story line grips from our collective path.

And a special note to the team I am a part of: Thank you. I love you. I am grateful and proud to be here with you.

And the title relates to this song, which was the one that accompanied the timeline severing (and its continued burning) today:


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