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Ceremony series pt. 4: Ceremony spots <3

I am the type that feels comfortable outside. Whenever I move to a new city, I look for cozy and high energy tree spots (that's a term I'm making up, nothing specific about it)....and then I frequent them. This spot is at the base of a tree who is part of a beautiful stand at a place that has become sacred space to me <3. I've come here to sit, think, heal, cry, laugh, dream, and connect with Gaia many times. It's where I feel most comfortable in Halifax.

As I'm sure you can imagine, spots just like this one are great spaces to go to when you are ready to perform ceremony, be it for dedication to yourself or as part of your mission work in service. They draw you, call you, make you feel safe and happy and secure. Spots just like this are the ones I encourage you to begin hearting up for Equinox. Crystals and nature based implements are an incredibly important part of my own ceremonial practices. Typically, as I am preparing to go out and do work, certain stones, feathers, or flowers ask to be brought with me. (Ever think out of the blue, jeeze I should take this rock with me when I go do x, y, z? That's a call to be brought along. I now specifically ask who wants to come with me and all implements wishing to come aboard shout out energetically to me.) After I've hit the road and am on the way to my spot, I will come across branches or leaves or moss that also asks to be brought. I thank Gaia for her gifts and take them with me as well.

Once I get to my spot, I typically sit in it and connect to the crystalline core of earth and tune into myself. Once I'm ready, I open my heart and start work on whatever I'm working on. In the case of the configuration below, I was dedicating myself to mission first, and then acting as an ascension anchor point for portal energies. I connected to the energy of the space, took out my implements, and got to work placing them as they wished to be placed. This can mean arranging and rearranging...several times. You know you've got it right when you feel a click/whirr of energy lining up.

After the energy clicked in, I confirmed again that I surrender to service and that I release the ties that no longer serve me. I felt a major woosh of energy come through me, and allowed it to purify me of all that needed to wash away. I then connected to my highest possible timeline (which is as easy as saying and feeling/believing it exists) and pictured my energy aligning with it. Once that was done, I served my mission. (If you've been following along with the ceremony pieces, intentions go here.)

After the ceremony ended, I went and ate a massive meal and had some fun. I continued returning to my intentions (and service) throughout the night and allowed the energy to move through. And move did it. As I shared in the 'trusting the shift' video, at this stage a week after it's about holding the clarity of those intentions and allowing what you called for to come in :)

Anybody have any ideas about where they'll be at Equinox?? <3 Join us in Love Wave for more ceremony related stuff.


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