Preparing for February new moon/solar eclipse (part 2, connecting to ascension through ceremony)

Ceremonies can be used to complement efforts to bring something in or to let it go. We have a new moon/solar eclipse in Pisces. This configuration in the context of the gateway within which it is happening is an incredibly powerful chance for us to take another step to connect to ourselves, our service, and love. How do we do this? Connecting in with our own ceremony. As I am being shown, aligning yourself on this date will a) give ceremonial practice for those looking to learn more about how and b) is excellent setup for the incoming Equinox. In part 1 of this series, I talked about how we can support ascension through ceremony:…/connecting-to-ascension-with-c…. Here in part 2, I offer a few tips on how to prepare for one. In part 3, we’ll talk more about the practice itself.

As I have mentioned in other posts, all ceremonies do not have to be identical. There is great power in connecting to yourself, your own energy story, and your goals. Consider what I have written herein as general guidelines of how to begin connecting into this process in your own life.

1) Many people are in the process of making major life transitions. If you have been letting go of people, positions, stories about yourself, ideas – WHATEVER – the days leading up to this solar eclipse/new moon are good for finishing things. Looking to end that relationship? Now is a very good time to do so.

Building on this, there are multiple trigger situations coming up right now. These are opportunities for you to dredge up what is left behind from lower vibrational patterns and let them go. if it comes up, let it out ( This is especially important for making dimensional shifts. We can’t get through if we are carrying old wounds in our energy bodies. When these opportunities to heal come, use them. It will make big leap moments easier to get through because you’ll have less to shed.|

2) We are also in the process of choosing the types of vibrational experiences we would like to experience. New moons are fantastic times in general for this; one occurring in conjunction with a solar eclipse is a double whammy of wow power. Begin hearting up that which you wish to experience. Is it loving and soul satisfying relationships? Working with that person whom you admire and respect? Making a career transition? Whatever it is, write it down. Build crystal grids about it, or whatever it is you use to focus energy. The main point is that you begin centralizing your focus about that which you wish to experience and are making direct steps to take those into your life. Allow this list to grow, and focus on it all week. (I’ll talk more about how to use it on the eclipse in a day or two. Don’t want to give you information overload.)

3) The spaces we live and practice in are also important to consider. In days leading up to energetic moments we’ll be using in complement/to power our ceremonies, it is very helpful to clean your house and inside sacred spaces. Dusty corners hold energy, and I find that it is much easier to welcome in the new when we do not have physical particles of the old hanging around. Even those little skin tags carry the vibration of that which you’ve shed and so breathing them in is like recycling your own crap. (It’s also helpful to have a clean space to relax in when you’re through.)

4) Leave yourself open to gathering implements such as flowers, stones, wands, smudge, incense and altar material that you may like to use to honour yourself, Gaia, or whoever you are working with in ceremony. This can be something that you see in a shop and feel a connection to, a bit you were gifted by an animal in the forest or from a friend – really, they can be whatever you want them to be. The implements that I use tend to be associated with places that I have traveled (Hill of Tara crow feathers are some of my most precious bits), flowers or plants whose essences I enjoy working with, and scents/herbs whose vibration complements my overall approach. These implements, as I will more fully explain in further pieces, are useful in bringing together energies but also, as offerings to Gaia and all of creation in our work.

5) Trust yourself.

More from me in the coming days on how to put this all together for your very own ceremony :)

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

(This post was written for Love Wave, a ceremony group that I have put together on facebook to coordinate actions for Equinox and Solstice. We are using the eclipse as an opportunity to begin aligning for those dates. If you would like further information on this process or to be part of it with us, please join us.)

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