Hi, everyone. This video was made in December, but I am being strongly encouraged to share it again. Why? The sentiments are important to be reminded of right now. The Galactic Federation wants to remind you of your power, congratulate you once again, and remind you of the importance of flowing around distractions. In the video, I talk about 9 days and this was part of another energy transition into our 1 year. From what I understand, we are about to make another incredible jump over a similar span of days through the weekend. I have been receiving signals that are similar from those of that time, and other lightworkers are now also pointing out these dates. I'm not exactly sure what is happening, but we may have another triggering event coming up. Staying calm and holding the light is going to be important. (This is in conjunction with but not reducible to the solar eclipse.) George Michael just gave me this song which reiterates the belief in my heart that whatever happens, we are moving into love. (Yes, George Michael joined us within a day or two of his death and has been incredible - more on that as it's time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwZAYdHcDtU

For those just new to my work, I have made a series of videos about this concept of self embodiment. There are some activations in videos mid-December through this early January if you'd like to watch them and learn more about the wave of light idea. (Ones explaining moving through triggering and various parts of this process are also there.) If you are drawn to the concept of wave of light, do see the series of that name.

Much love,

Katie IndiCrow


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