Hello beautiful friends :). I'm recruiting 6 people to participate in the next gridwork level 1 training fleet. In this 6 week program, we cover the emerging gridsystem, develop a dynamic understanding of energy systems of the earth and how we as gridworkers can serve them, and also take steps to refine your connection to your mission. The course occurs online in a digital classroom and consists of 6 weeks of lessons. 4 are video recordings made by me in direct relation to our shifting energy systems and in response to solar and galactic events. The class takes place this way so that you a) can get to the information as your life allows and b) so hat you have a space to ask questions and form relationships with other gridworkers.

In addition to lectures, we have 2 group calls within which you receive directly channeled information relevant to your missions. Students have blocks removed and activations brought in.

Class begins on March 9, with payment in full due by March 23. Cost is $222 Canadian dollars (an excellent value, and the last time I will be offering it at this price point). Contact me directly for more information an to see if you're a good fit for our work in this class.

Intermediate training will begin in April when I'm back from mission.

#gridwork #class #energysystems

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